Big changes in the organization


PK is a corporate executive consulting client who came to Cissie at a time when her company was undergoing major departmental and organizational changes. PK’s mentor was preparing to leave the company, while at the same time her professional role and responsibilities were changing and expanding. She had many issues, questions and concerns about her role going forward, and was finding that the confusion was clouding her professional vision.

Executive Coaching Experience

Throughout our work together, Cissie was an invaluable resource to me around the issues/questions/concerns I had about my changing role within the organization, as well as around my own professional/career goals. From the onset of our work together, I felt comfortable sharing information about myself with her – both within and outside the context of my work. I’m convinced this comfort level and the relationship we developed allowed us to work so well together.

The process of the ‘360 interviews’ was a real eye opener for me. It enabled me to see how others see me and my performance; both positive aspect and areas in which others saw need for improvement. The exercises we worked on regarding communication styles/patterns helped me to better understand my own communication style as well being able to define others’ communication styles.

I now understand that the manner in which the message is delivered can often be as important as the crafting of the message itself and I hope this has enhanced my own communication skills. Our work in this area has enhanced my ability to deliver feedback, whether positive or negative.


PKs role as a manager has been and continues to be very challenging for her. As a result of the work she did with Cissie, she is now more comfortable in her role and has greater confidence in her abilities and skills. She hopes to continue this work with Cissie in the future.

— P.K., Manager, Healthcare Organization