Customized paths to success

Your consulting engagement will be unique to your needs and goals, while you benefit from experience drawn from a wide range of clients and situations. Here are some success stories to give you a sense of the help we have provided prior clients.

Navigating change

Big Changes

Mastering the Turbulence of Organizational Change

More Prepared for the Sky to Fall than to Lose my Job


Finding clarity

Never Had a Sense of Clarity About my Career Path

Only Knew What Job I Didn’t Want

Job Search Process Had Clouded my Vision


Managing tense situations

Transforming a Tense Situation into a High Performing Organization (HPO)

Effective Communications for Difficult Situations


Enlarging the realm of possibilities

Do I have to Give Up my Dream Career for Stability?

No Longer have to ‘Leave Myself at the Door’ in Order to be Successful

Seeking seed round funding from angel investors