Illuminate a clear path forward

Career coaching

Feeling stuck? Restless? Seeking a major change? Lost your footing in shifting economic sands?

Finding a professional path that satisfies and inspires you requires both effective tactics and a broader and deeper perspective. Our work includes a multilayered approach.

Finding your calling and fit

Your past: What skills and passions enliven you? What do you want to carry forward? Where have you thrived—or shut down? We help you explore your work life, successes and interests to discover the unique blend of talents and experience that form your personal brand.

Your present: Understand your value in the marketplace. Try on ideas and alternatives. Embrace imaginative possibilities. We help you envision and explore options that match your assets and aspirations with real-life opportunities.

Your future: Where can you find—or create—the ideal environment for flourishing? We help you generate compelling choices for your future, whether on a new path or a fresh approach within your current situation. And we help you assess how well opportunities that arise match your personal conditions for thriving.

Securing the right opportunities

Research: Identifying the industries and specific organizations that may interest you—and why.

Networking: Developing a plan and the skills to network effectively.

Hands-on help with every step: Resume and letters, interview prep and debriefing, references, negotiating, closing, and more.


Cissie’s special strength lies in shifting with ease between the narrowly tactical to the broadly strategic and back. She deftly guided me to view near-term problems in the context of an evolving long-term career solution.”
– M.S., Writer and Editor


Career Stimulus™ Groups

From time to time we offer opportunities to address career challenges in small groups in a confidential setting with a skilled facilitator. If interested, please contact us.

The weekly connection to other professionals, combined with Cissie’s superb facilitation, was both informative and comforting.”
– R.S., Financial Executive