Job Search Process Had Clouded my Vision


RH’s professional background had both breadth and depth, yet on paper it appeared somewhat disjointed. His job search wasn’t going anywhere, in spite of a recent MBA degree and solid work experience. RH felt lost. He didn’t have himself tightly packaged with a crisp message. He didn’t stand out, as is necessary in today’s job market, especially since he wanted a career change. He came to Cissie for help to identify the true essence of his talents, skills and strengths and to uncover his authentic career desires and goals.

Career Coaching Experience

Cissie has a very methodical approach—honed through years of experience —that gave me what I needed to get past the roadblocks and floundering I had been experiencing. Step by step, with small, progressive wins and coaching throughout the ups and downs, I gained clarity. I uncovered who I am, my unique value proposition, the industries and organizations I want to work in, and why I am highly qualified to work there.

I was back on my game. Cissie didn’t do it for me. Rather, she gave me the tools and guidance I needed to do it for myself. Soon I had interviews with senior-level people at two different organizations representing industries and/or job functions that were at the level, and provided the career ‘stretch’ that I was seeking.

I only regret that I delayed in contacting Cissie. I allowed my total frustration and exasperation with the whole job search/career change process to fog my senses. Had I started with Cissie sooner, I would have been on the path toward success that much more quickly.


Armed with a clear set of objectives and a resume that showcased his strengths, RH wrote a compelling letter to a CEO he saw profiled in a business magazine. Though passionate about this field, he had no prior formal work experience in the industry. A job offer followed, and today he’s in a newly created position that’s aligned with all his goals and desires. It’s a good fit and a fine career move.

— R.H., Business Development Manager, Major Retailer