More Prepared for the Sky to Fall than to Lose my Job


DM was the COO of a mid-sized health-related association. He was liked and respected in his job, which he both enjoyed and needed. A divorced father of three college-aged children, he had major responsibility for their support. When the CEO resigned, DM served on the search team and supported the candidate who replaced him. He was shocked, amazed, grieved and confused when the new CEO let him go.

Career Coaching Experience

My experience with Cissie Klavens has been life altering. She helped me get grounded after I was terminated very unexpectedly. I was more prepared for the sky to fall than to lose my job. Cissie kept me focused on both short- and long-term goals that were crucial to my future career strategy.

Cissie’s soft but deliberate approach was one of the keys to a very successful career rebuilding experience. She is timely and flexible in her schedule, generous with her availability for review of emails or a quick conversation. She provided extensive professional hints about how to successfully navigate the Human Resource process.

My new career path took several multi-pronged approaches. Cissie kept them all straight, worked through each one and had several networking contacts down each separate and distinct path. I especially appreciated Cissie’s weekly assignments, which pushed me to take the time to answer difficult questions and strengthened me to ‘stay honest.’

As much as my family (who were as scared as I was) and friends wanted to help me during this phase, they simply didn’t have the expertise. I have been very fortunate to have the advice of an expert who concentrated on my goals and objectives and has helped me to succeed in this very turbulent time.


DM went about the task of job-loss recovery with the professionalism and authenticity that characterizes his work life. He used the experience to clarify his objectives and realize his strengths. With Cissie’s help, DM maximized his own network connections and received two attractive offers. The one he selected, a more senior job with greater responsibility, offers exciting possibilities that speak to his strengths and passions.

— D.M., COO, Professional Healthcare Association