Never Had a Sense of Clarity About my Career Path


ES never had a real sense of clarity in terms of her career path. She felt that she had “just stumbled into” jobs, without any strategy or consideration. Finding herself at a career transition point, she came to Cissie to get some clarity about her future and what career she should pursue.

Career Coaching Experience

My journey with Cissie proved to be very successful, but in a different way than I had anticipated. What I learned was that success in terms of this experience was not being able to say ‘I want to be this or that’ – it was having a clear picture of what I wanted from my career and where it belonged in the larger context of my life.

With Cissie’s guidance, I learned to listen to and trust many of my instincts, but also to challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone, and to open myself up to a greater variety of possibilities in order to better understand what was truly important to me.

Her expertise is broad and deep. She is accessible as a person – sensitive to the ups and downs of the career transition and intuitive about dealing with people. And she is generous with her time, her experience, and her support throughout the journey.


ES uncovered her true passion and transitioned into a career as a project manager.

— E.S., Project Manager, Software Company