No Longer have to ‘Leave Myself at the Door’ in Order to be Successful


LA was successfully selling large-ticket information systems in the medical electronics industry, but she had lost her passion for the business. Each day, she dreaded going to work and worried that the quality of her performance would decline. But she felt she could never do anything different because she’d been in the same industry for such a long time. She came to Cissie to find out if it was possible to make a change.

Career Coaching Experience

When I first started working with Cissie, I felt that in order to continue my success, I had to pretend to be someone other than who I really am. Cissie first encouraged me by giving me examples of people who had made major changes in their careers. Then she helped me to envision what my life – not just my work – would look like if I were “at the top of my mountain.”

As Cissie listened to this vision, she helped me clarify what my true priorities were, and I was much better able to define what I wanted in both my personal and professional life. These priorities then became the building blocks for my job search for work I’d feel passionate about. After many informational interviews that Cissie helped me obtain, I had new ideas about what areas would meet my criteria.

What I know after working with Cissie is that “the top of my mountain” will change as my life changes, and that future job adventures await me.


LA became the development director for a large not-for-profit health-service institution. It was a major change from her first career and a step in the right direction. The work she does today is not remotely related to her old career, and she loves it. She uses her natural talents and those that she has honed throughout her professional life and is having both great success and great fun. Best of all, she no longer feels that she has to ‘leave herself at the door’ in order to be successful.

— L.A., Major Gifts Officer, Educational Institution