Only Knew What Job I Didn’t Want


HM was the youngest-ever managing editor of an established periodical. While she loved writing freelance journalism pieces on the side, her full-time job made that difficult. She felt professionally confused; she was unhappy in her job and unsure whether or not to change careers. While she felt a passion for journalism, she was worried about the future, because of the shifting nature of the field. She went to Cissie not knowing what she wanted – only what she didn’t want.

Career Coaching Experience

Cissie took me through a systematic process that was also flexible. She allowed me to express my career concerns and frustrations, without boxing me in or interrupting me. I particularly enjoyed the homework assignments – which allowed me to look inward at what is important personally and professionally. She coached me through job interviews in different fields, always teaching me how to be professional and put my best foot forward.

Cissie helped me set up a game plan for making a graceful exit from my current job and finding new work. Surprisingly, I also learned that I was not yet ready to let go of journalism. However, when I am ready to move on, I now have the skills to approach prospective employers and interviews, ask the right questions and follow up.

I am clear now that I am not just a journalist, I am a communicator. Through my work with Cissie, I now know that these skills are transferable and valued. She taught me how to listen to my instincts when it comes to a career, and I am now more confident and productive as a result.


HM successfully competed for a fellowship that sent her to a major European city where she spent a month writing articles based on her investigative reporting. While abroad, she decided to return to graduate school for a doctorate. She will continue to write and teach while taking courses.

— H.M., Communications and Journalism Professional