Challenges offer opportunities for transformation

  • Communication during an acquisition has gone cloudy. People are nervous.
  • Your new IT manager, transplanted from a different corporate culture, may stumble without help.
  • A reorg has left a sense of winners and losers. Cooperation has tanked.
  • A rising star could use some polishing and support in her new leadership role.

In our work with clients, we consistently find that challenges contain the seeds of opportunity and transformation. Each situation also has its own unique context, requiring an open mind and respect for your specific circumstances.

We listen carefully to understand where things may be blocked. How things work in your culture. What conflicts may be present—within an individual, a group or a system.

Then we create an approach that will work for you. YOU. Not a client whose issues were vaguely similar. Not something from dusted-off files or drawn from a Power Point-infused model.

We work with you and your team to bring solutions to life, ones that work for your people and your organization.

Cissie and George Klavens have brought extraordinary value to a major initiative at our company. Their years of consulting experience, high level of professionalism, previous coaching engagements, and their very novel, customized approach to the challenges we were facing helped us achieve our desired results.”
— W.S., VP Business Solutions, International Healthcare Corporation

Through my work with George I now have a better understanding of my own communication style and I more effectively manage relationships with difficult co-workers. I have become more self-aware in a positive way, and I’m able to approach my leadership responsibilities with a greater confidence.”
— T.S., Sr. VP IT, publicly traded Financial Institution

We were interested in a seminar focused on practical tips and guidance on corporate sportsmanship for the women of our law department. Ms. Klavens developed a seminar entitled “Navigating Your Career” that provided a perfect balance of sound business advice, wisdom and humor for traversing the corporate landscape and developing one’s career.”
— L.S., Former Associate General Counsel, Global Pharmaceutical Company